The 2020

Teledentistry Innovation

Who is connecting dental care to change?

Why the Tellies?

Teledentistry adoption and awareness was already reaching a tipping point before the pandemic. 2020 has been a watershed moment for dental providers and organizations to see the relevance of the telehealth capabilities in dental care and oral health. Who has been helping to shape best practices, create new approaches, and make the technology work for real world benefits? The Tellies is here to help dentistry learn from innovators. And the uses extend beyond crisis response.

Help the world learn from those leading the way. Please nominate your candidate for the MouthWatch Teledentistry Innovation Award, “The Tellies”.

Nominate an Innovator…

Award Details

The Teledentistry Innovation Award will be selected from
submissions received through these nominations. We are
looking to award Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Care
Programs. See further details on award categories below.
Awardees will:

• Receive a cash grant of $1000
• Be invited to speak at the award ceremony and other
possible speaking opportunities
• Have their business, practice or program highlighted in a
press release and announcements from MouthWatch


The entry will celebrate a dentist or dental specialist who has incorporated teledentistry into their practice model to reach new patients, connect existing patients to care, collaborate with other providers or shown true innovation in the way their care is enhanced through teledentistry.

Dental Hygiene

The entry will recognize a dental hygienist who has used teledentistry technology to bring new ways of thinking to the delivery of preventive care. From enhanced screening programs, mobile hygiene programs, public health settings, collaborative or independent practice models and any other way to increase connected care delivery.

Oral Health Program

The entry will be an organization (non-profit or for profit) who has introduced teledentistry into their workflows in order to increase efficient care delivery, bring dental expertise to new settings and improve the oral health of patients in any setting.

COVID-19 Response

Nominees will have used teledentistry in private practice, public health or other settings as part of continuing care during COVID-19 to make a difference in patient care, risk mitigation, and practice continuity. Who helped their communities and showed how teledentistry plays a role in managing crisis?


Nominees may be using any teledentistry application that remotely connects patients to providers, or providers to providers for coordinating care. The application can be in any setting: private practice, group practice, schools, senior care, medical/dental integration, dental specialists, dental vendors (such as labs) and in any dental professional role. International nominees are welcome!

and Deadlines

• Submissions for 2020 nominees are now open.
• The MouthWatch Teledentistry Innovation Award Dental,
Dental Hygiene, and Program Category
Winners will be announced during an online ceremony at the end of December 2020.
• Award winners will be contacted by MouthWatch ahead
of the announcement.

2020 Virtual Award Ceremony

Announcements and presentations of awards for all categories will take place at a virtual event. (This is not the first time an awardee has received a Tellies virtually!) Would you like a media or industry invitation? Please contact us.

Past Winners


Dental Innovator: Paul Labbe, DDS – Planet Dental

Dr. Labbe is a pediatric dentist with 5 office locations. He uses teledentistry to provide care to underserved children in his community. Teledentistry enables him and his team to conduct dental screenings at local schools and then in turn, provide the parents and guardians with diagnosis and treatment plans with the option to bring their children to one of his offices for restorative treatment.

Oral Health Program Innovator:
MiQuel McRae, RDH – ToothBUDDS

Miquel founded ToothBUDDS, a non-profit
that employs a team of dental hygienists to
provide oral care to underserved children in
her area – Many of which have some form
or oral disease. Miquel and her team
provide education, screenings, cleanings
and fluoride treatments in local school
settings. Thanks to teledentistry, they can
connect children with urgent dental needs
to a local dentist, so they don’t fall through
the cracks.

Hygiene Innovator: Angie Stone, RDH – Hylife Oral Health Alliance

Angie and her team of oral care specialists provide onsite hygiene services to elderly patients who live in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and private homes. They use teledentistry to document each patient visit with intraoral photos and videos and to communicate with family members and participating dentists to ensure that their clients receive restorative care when needed.

PIONEER AWARD: Paul Glassman, DDS, MA, MBA, – University of the Pacific

Dr. Glassman is the first recipient in the newly created “Teledentistry Pioneer” category. He is the founder of the Virtual Dental Home Program, whereby he and his team at the University of the Pacific developed a more efficient way to connect patients to dental care through the combination of technology and innovation. This care-delivery model, combined with his efforts in education, in supporting legislative changes that support teledentistry and improve access to care have helped create a landscape where more and more programs and providers are interested in teledentistry and the opportunities it creates.


Dr. Brittany Kinol – Miracle Dental

With two offices in the Pittsburgh area,
Miracle Dental reaches children in a range of settings that are most convenient for them and their families.By coordinating care delivery with Head Start programs, schools, and public insurance carriers, Miracle Dental’s mobile hygienists use teledentistry to deliver preventive care to students in the most convenient way possible.

Liz Best – NYU School of Dentistry

Liz is a grants administrator at the
New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry,
who obtained a Human Resources & Services Administration grant to fund the implementation
of teledentistry technology into the school’s curriculum. Working with TeleDent, NYU has incorporated teledentistry technology into second
year coursework.

Staci Stout, RDH, BSDH – Smart Smiles

Smart Smiles, a school-based oral health program based in Utah that focuses on prevention. Its mobile hygiene program provides care to children at school to ensure they have access to oral healthcare. A team of hygienists equipped with portable preventive care equipment and teledentistry technology see children at more than 30 schools in the Salt Lake City area.

Our Vision

MouthWatch creates tools for connected dentistry.

Our passion for connecting patients and providers led us to the develop the only software solution designed specifically for the implementation of teledentistry across a range of settings. By connecting all dental care providers through groundbreaking software, effective dental care delivery can now be unleashed no matter where a patient might be located. Using teledentistry, care providers are reaching new groups of patients, in a sustainable and profitable manner – addressing access to care issues for patients along with the business and care-delivery challenges that today’s dental care providers face.

TeleDent, the MouthWatch teledentistry solution, streamlines collaboration between patients, dentists, hygienists, specialists and other health care providers across a wide range of settings.

In 2018, we launched the Teledentistry Innovation Award to highlight the varied ways that teledentistry is being implemented across the spectrum of dental care and dental providers that are realizing the potential for connected dental care technology to reshape the nature of dentistry and oral health in the US and beyond!